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Nature Experiences...

From caves to bushwalking and bird-watching, the Upper Lachlan provides a range of nature based experiences -

Grabine Lakeside State Park

Grabine Lakeside State Park is an extensive area of land exceeding 800 hectares. It consists of a spectacular rural landscape varying from lake foreshores to gently sloping ranges to steep escarpments featuring granite boulders at the eastern boundary. Bushwalking, watersports, 4WD, fishing and more all await you at Grabine Lakeside.

Grabine Rd, Bigga - +612 4835 2376  or go to  www.stateparks.nsw.gov.au/grabine_lakeside

Oolong Sanctuary - Dalton

The Oolong Sanctuary is a volunteer run wildlife refuge in remnant bush land. The sanctuary is open 24/7 to allow visitors and scientists to study wildlife and native flora.

185 Bushes Lane, Dalton - +612 4845 6267 or go to  customers.skymesh.net.au/~gianni/

Wombeyan Caves

Located in a hidden valley a short drive from Taralga you will find Wombeyan Caves. Activities include cave tours, hiking, canoeing and swimming and there is plenty of room for outdoor sports.

Wombeyan Caves Rd, Taralga - +612 4835 5976  or go to  www.environment.nsw.gov.au/nationalparks/parkHome.aspx?id=N0352