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For more information on any of these options please contact 4832 1988.

Featured properties :

Cloverleigh : Home away from home in Crookwell township

Laggan Cottage : beautiful cottage in established gardens

Spud Murphy’s Inn : Formally the Royal Hotel c1873

Old School House - Breadalbane                                   4844 2271

Willowvale Mill : Laggan 4837 3319

Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Rejuvenate and relax in peace... B&Bs are renowned as escapes from the hectic world of daily life and a great way to put your feet up and rejuvenate in peace. The Upper Lachlan boasts some very warm and inviting places with fantastic hosts ....

Early bed and breakfast setups were designed to cater for travellers who were passing through areas not large enough to justify huge hotels and commonly travelled routes and important intersections were prime locations for this style of accommodation.

The Upper Lachlan boasts B&Bs that are both in the villages or on property, in modern homes or in beautifully renovated historic buildings. No matter where they are located however, you can be assured of a warm country welcome.

B&B accommodation typically includes all linen and breakfast however please check with each property to clarify any questions you may have.

If in doubt as to what would suit you best please feel free to contact the Visitor Information Centre on (02) 4832 1988.