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Motels & Motor Inns...

Hotels, inns and shanties were not only places of rest, food and shelter but a place for people to meet. The Upper Lachlan is blessed with many such establishments and even today they offer the weary traveller a place to relax and rejuvenate....

Motel is a combination of the words “motor” and “hotel” coined by Arthur Heineman of San Luis Obispo in 1925 for his hotel concept. The motel started life as a hotel designed for motorists as long distance journeys by road grew in popularity especially along freeways. As opposed to hotels that preferred the city centres, the motel was almost always on the fringe and by definition included an easily accessible parking lot.

Today these lodgings still aim to offer the weary motorist a comfortable bed, a hot shower and access to all of the amenities the traveller needs.

Please select a property from the list at the right to see more detail about the motels available across the Upper Lachlan Shire.

For more information on any of these options please contact 4832 1988.

Crookwell Hotel/Motel : Located behind the “Top Pub” in the centre of Crookwel

Gunning Motel : Located in the heart of Gunning close to all eating and dining options.

Upland Pastures Motor Inn : Ideally located within walking distance of the Crookwell main street.