St Bartholomews Largest Digital Pipe Organ in the Southern Hemisphere

Enjoy the amazing talent of renowned organist David Johnson in St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church in Crookwell. David is a master musician, sound technician, music teacher and an amazing font of knowledge about the history of the church and its architectural features.

The church features a huge, wonderful timber cross, suspended high above the altar. The cross was hand wrought by a local parishioner from local timber using an adze. Rough hewn and with an innate, raw, natural beauty that symbolises the triumph of the spirit over adversity, beholding the cross while listening to David playing the haunting strains of Amazing Grace on the pipe organ is sure to be a profoundly emotional experience. St Bartholomew’s Church also features stunningly beautiful stained glass windows, each with a fascinating story.

St Barts is the proud home of the largest digital pipe organ in the southern hemisphere. David is true musical maestro and always up for a challenge: he will take any request thrown at him!

So for a very special musical experience why not come to Crookwell and experience the wonderful ambience of St Bartholomew’s Church and the magnificent Digital Pipe Organ.

Bookings are essential, minimum group size is ten or more.



St Bartholomews Largest Digital Pipe Organ in the Southern Hemisphere

17 Denison Street, Crookwell, New South Wales, 2583

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