Robert Bill, Anne Cleary & Rhonda Cummins

Crookwell Amature Dramatic Society

Robert Bill, Anne Cleary and Rhonda Cummins all have a love and passion for live production and have been passionately volunteering together for a number of years for the Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) and Kids Acting on Stage (KAOS). Robert has studied sound and lighting production at NIDA and works behind the scenes on the lighting and sound for each dramatic play or musical. Anne is the director and enjoys working with all the actors whether young or old and Rhonda is the fabulous props and costume designer.

Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society started in Crookwell in 1894 in the old picture theatre now known as Crown Café. It has since moved to the Crookwell Memorial Hall which has been lovingly converted into quite the thespian space. Musicals and plays are chosen by round table discussion. There are several scrips that are brought to the table, each is analysed and chosen based upon what the Crookwell audience would like. Musters are held to find the actors and actresses where they do play readings to find the best actor for the role. There is always something for anyone who wants to be involved. There are many good actors and singers in Crookwell and CADS draws on everyday people, it works well this way. “We are also happy to rope people off the street if we have too” Anne says with a cheeky smile. The Crookwell audience loves nothing more than a good laugh and the most popular productions are comedy and musicals.

CADS also donates money to all local schools for their drama and performing arts programs. As well as other facilities in the local area.

The aroma of Pauls Café Fish & Chips often wafts through memorial hall on those late night play practices. Or we grab a bite from the Criterion or the Crookwell Hotel Motel. A lot of our props and set design come from JDs Hardwear. Crookwell has some fantastic businesses, Robert, Anne and Rhonda all love to support the local shops.

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