Four distinct seasons produce a different experience, different events and different sights to see when you visit the Upper Lachlan throughout the year


The Upper Lachlan Shire spans just over 7100 square kilometres and ranges in altitude from approximately 500m to over 1000m so whilst it is all located on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, the weather can vary dramatically.

Due to the higher elevations, summers tend to be milder in the Upper Lachlan than in many parts of New South Wales however days in excess of 35 degrees Celsius are not unusual. The western side of the Shire is generally lighter, drier country making it ideal for the production of superfine wool for the international market whilst the east is part of the Sydney Water Catchment with fertile valleys ideal for cattle and horses.


The Upper Lachlan abounds with magnificent cold climate gardens that provide a myriad of autumn colours as we transition to the cooler months. Many of the region's biggest events happen during this period including the Collector Village Pumpkin Festival, the Crookwell Potato Festival and the Binda Picnic Races.

This beautiful time of year is charactertised by cooling days and nights and by the end of autumn overnight temperatures average 2-3 degrees celcius whilst daytime temperatures reach the low teens.


Snow dusted mornings are not unusual in the higher reaches of the Southern Tablelands. The four distinct seasons, including cold winters, shape the agricultural cycle and the types of produce and gardens that can be grown. Winter changes the whole landscape and has a beauty all of its own.

Winter is a great time to curl up in front of a wood fire or take advantage of the many clear, sunny days and explore the region with one of themed our scenic drives.

You can expect overnight temperatures to drop into the negatives with daytimes in the low teens with slight variations across the region.


As the temperature rises so do the bulbs and the Tablelands are blessed with a range of stunning cold climate gardens. Each spring a selection of gardens are featured in the Crookwell Garden Festival however gardens all over the region will open the public at various times especially the stunning Edna Walling garden of Markdale Station.

This time of year is when the special events season kicks off starting with the Gunning Fireworks Festival in September and running through the Garden Festival in November.

Spring is a glorious time as the deciduous trees come into leaf and bloom and the countryside awakens from its slumber so make sure you add a trip to your bucket list.

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