Jenny Painter

Crookwell Historical Society

Jenny first started volunteering at the Crookwell Historical Society doing odd jobs and helping out with whatever needed doing at the time. Being born and raised in Crookwell, and bringing up her own family on a sheep and cattle farm in the area, Jenny has a love for the shire and its rich history. Jenny’s knowledge is endless about places and old family history although “I still learn something new every day “she said.

The Historical Society is happy to help with just about anything. The main task at hand is helping people research family histories. Relatives come in with limited information and the volunteers help expand on that. Next of kin are often looking for grave sites or trying to find the house their grandfather grew up in. There is a back room that is filled with boxes of files and photos, a wealth of information is stored in there, many generations worth.

The volunteer ladies in the Historical Society loved the question, “what do you love about the Upper Lachlan?” They all enthusiastically chimed in; the climate, the landscape, beautiful rolling hills it looks very much like Scotland and Ireland. The wide open space, peace and quiet, good education, a fantastic hospital and staff, wonderful aged care and transport if needed.

One of their favourite places to eat is the Laggan Pub, “it is a great place to eat and has really good food”. Arcadia has been a real boost to Crookwell too. Crookwell is slowly changing as enthusiastic young people are moving here and establishing businesses.

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