22 May, 2020

Upper Lachlan potatoes and lamb best in State! 

It’s official – the Upper Lachlan’s potatoes and lamb are the best in the state! Competing with some of the highest quality produce in Australia, two producers from the Upper Lachlan have stood out from the rest and won State awards in the 2020 Harvey Norman ‘delicious.’ awards: in the ‘Earth’ category, The Gourmet Potato – Kadwell’s Andean Sunrise potato, and in the ‘Paddock’ category, Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb’s biodynamically produced lamb.


The Gourmet Potato – Kadwell is a partnership between Garry Kadwell and Wentworth Hill, which began three years ago. Varieties within the company’s range are grown in a biodiverse environment, cultivated topographically and protected by linking ecological zones. Over 30 per cent of the farm’s land has been dedicated to these strategically planted zones which help the crops grow and flourish in protected microclimates, while encouraging the colonisation of birds and beneficial insects to minimise crop destroying pests. The Gourmet Potato Website with full story, philosophy and product range is about to launch – keep your eye out here www.thegourmetpotato.com.au.


Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb is also produced using sustainable farming techniques, and without using pesticides, antibiotics or growth promoting hormones. Certified biodynamic production principles ensure that the full interrelationship of soil to plants to animals is considered in the care of the land and live stock. The result is farming that is ecologically friendly and produce that is organic and premium quality. For more information about this amazing local company, and to place your order for their award winning produce, visit www.moorlandslamb.com.au.


The “delicious. Produce Awards”, now in their 15th year, unearth and champion Australia’s best and most innovative primary produce and producers with an emphasis on provenance, seasonality and sustainable production methods.