Crookwell Wind Farm

The Crookwell Wind Farm supplies electricity to Country Energy’s Green Power customers.

Built in 1998 by Pacific Power, the facility was the first grid-connected wind farm in Australia and consists of eight 45-metre-high turbines. While considered state of the art at the time of installation, improvements in technology mean turbines more than three times this height can now be built.

The project was used to educate the wider community about the effects and benefits of wind farm technology. Today, the project assists the industry to understand the realities of operating an asset that is close to the end of its 20-year design life. Including how innovations can improve performance and extend the productive life of the turbines.

The project includes the installation of a public viewing platform and information boards that remain operational and provide information about wind farm renewable energy.

Since the installation of the turbines at Crookwell Wind Farm additional, larger turbines have been installed in the valley. The new turbines are an impressive 175 metres high.



Crookwell Wind Farm

Goulburn Road, Crookwell, New South Wales, 2583

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