Crookwell Railway Station

The Crookwell railway station is a historic gem. The railway yards were first opened in 1902 and was a significant pioneer terminus station.

The line was used to transport stock and goods which included potatoes, iron ore and superphosphates as well as people. The facilities are still present today including a 100-foot platform, wooden station building, stock siding with yards, goods shed, 60-foot turntable and ash pit.

Passenger services ceased in 1979 with freight terminating shortly after. The line remained open for tours between 1983 and 1985, with 1985 being the last year a train operated on the line.

On a visit to the station, visitors can learn how the fettler (track workers) operated, enjoying the original station building and train tracks. They can also view the 60 foot cast iron William Sellars Turntable.



Crookwell Railway Station

Colyer Street, Crookwell, New South Wales, 2583

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