Located just 60km north of the Canberra CBD, Collector was founded in 1829 by Terence Aubrey Murray the same man who built “Yarralumla” on the site of the Australian Prime Minister’s residence.
Situated at the northern end of the famous Lake George, named Weereewa by the local Ngunawal tribe, Collector is a fascinating village with a colourful bushranging history.
Built in 1860, the Bushranger Hotel was named after the notorious outlaws who plagued its history. The most famous incident was in 1865 when Ben Hall and his gang rode into town after holding up 50 travellers on the Collector Road. As the gang terrorised the locals they roused Constable Samuel Nelson who bravely went to their aid alone. But John Dunn, who was crouched behind a post, shot and killed him. Constable Nelson’s memorial now stands on the place outside the hotel where he gave his life to protect the villagers.
Each May, the humble pumpkin takes pride of place during the festival devoted to this vegetable. The Collector Village Pumpkin Festival fulfils all the senses with all things pumpkin.



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